R Miscellaneous Notes

### Package Development Guidelines

The script should be used to document all changes and additions to package code. In addition, git-flow branches should be used for all added features and bug fixes. The **development** branch serves as the “test” / “work-in-progress” branch while the **master** branch is the “production” branch and should only be updated when creating a new **release**.

For example, say I wanted to add a new feature / function - the following steps would be used:

  1. Using *Git-Flow*, a new branch should be created off the current **development** branch with a name corresponding to the new feature.
  2. Once in the new branch, add functions via the **devhist.R** script via .
  3. Edit the new .R file and commit changes and push to feature branch.
  4. Add tests for new function and document additions via , and document this in the **devhist.R** script.
  5. Add example usage of the new feature via , and document this in the **devhist.R** script.
  6. Document, Test, Check, Build, and Install.
  7. Finally, merge feature branch with development branch using git-flow and if desired create a new release and merge with master branch updating the package version.



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