Time Management

Time is merely an illusion - therefore I can procrastinate and it doesn't matter!

Time Tracking

Use tools (internal, external, or simple manual tracking) to decipher what you are spending (and wasting your time) on.

Simply gathering data is not enough, you should reflect on the collected times and perform a "post-mortem" on what you could be spending your time on.

Time Tracking Tools

Manual Tracking - at [[Tychobra]] we utilize an internal application we created ourselves called T3 for this, but anything works the key is to consistently and thorouly track you time regardless of the medium used to track it.

Get Clear On Priorities

Get clear on your priorities.

Batch Tasks and Time Blocks

Use your calendar, task manager coupled with labels, or a [[time block planner]] to block your time into chunks that contain similar tasks.

Learn how to say NO

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