Publishing Workflow

Instead of paying for the built-in Obsidian Publish Feature this workflow utilizes the fast, simple, and nice looking MkDocs static sit generator to publish an Obsidian Vault.

Initial Setup

  1. Fork the Obsidian-MkDocs Github repo template from jobindj/obsidian-mkdocs
    • Note: if your obsidian vault is already a git repository you may want to utilize git submodules instead of nesting git repo's.
  2. Clone the newly forked repo into your local obsidian vault
  3. Move any notes you want published into the <repo-name>/docs folder
  4. Commit and push changes to trigger the Github Action to publish your notes

Example Code:

# navigate to obsidian vault's directory
cd <path/to/obsidian/vault>

# add a git submodule for the mkdocs repo under a folder named '_published'
git submodule add _published

# move some notes into the _published/docs folder


Configure the published site's mkdocs.yml configuration file located in the root level of the MkDocs folder.

See MkDocs Configuration Documentation for more details

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